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Do you need to submit your
dossier quickly
and easily?

Then you need
Euphar s.r.o.

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Readability testing

Testing of PIL since the binding requirement

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Pricing & reimbursement

Establishing of reimbursement from the health insurance - evaluation of prices

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Regulatory affairs

Complete registration of medicinal products and services in particular registration procedures

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Euphar s.r.o. is a consulting company focused on Regulatory Affairs, pricing and reimbursement of medicinal products and PIL redability user testing. We are a company from the Czech Republic providing komplete services in RA start with pre-registration evaluation of dossier – registration process – pricing and reimbursement.


  • 17 years in pharmaceutical industry
  • 13 years in regulatory affairs
  • 6 years in the field of pricing and reimbursements of medicinal products (4 years at the Ministry of Health)

The company is based on the professionalism and quality of all our staff members.

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